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Our Grant Partners

Below is a full list of organisations Gower Street has supported

ACliMaTISE Partnership
ACliMaTISE is a pan-African, 12-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and workshop programme for university students, building their knowledge of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges of Climate Change in the African context, and supporting them to take action in their communities.
Accelerated Rural Development Organization (ARDO)
We facilitate programmes that help communities mobilize their resources towards sustainable environmental management with emphasis on climate change and alternative livelihoods underpinned with gender equity.
AfriKids listens to local people and empowers them to make sustainable changes so that every child in Northern Ghana can be happy, healthy, safe and in school.
Agrointroductions Ghana
A youth led organization with a mission to advance climate change mitigation and adaptation through carbon sequestration, education and awareness creation, and green livelihood development.
Alliance for Environmental Intervention (AfEI)
We empower young people and farmers to take climate action in their communities. We disseminate relevant climate and environment related information to people while supporting them to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
Another Way
Another Way is a youth-led educational charity, aiming to empower people to live with kindness towards the world around them. Our vision is a world in which every person is able to make decisions based on compassion towards our planet.
Community organising for climate justice.
CAMFED, the Campaign for Female Education, supports girls in some of the most marginalised communities in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe to learn and thrive in school, and become independent, influential women.
Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights
The Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights (CDER) partners with first nations and indigenous peoples; local and national governments; and communities and NGOs around the globe to advance the rights of nature.
Climate Emergency UK
We inspire & organise local council climate action. We provide accessible information on best practice through our Scorecards and network councils, activists & local communities together to push for climate action.
Climate Smart Training Programme - Ghana
We have created a program to educate small-holder farmers on the importance of trees in the landscape, traditional agro-forestry techniques, water catchment systems, FMNR, and organic farming. Farmers learn four techniques to enhance resilience on their farms.
Climate Spring
Climate Spring uses the storytelling power of the screen to change societies’ response to the climate crisis.
Coal Action Network
Coal Action Network works for an end to coal mining, coal use in power generation and coal in steel production; and towards justice for communities affected by the UK's current and historical involvement with coal. We also campaign against the insurance of all fossil fuels.
Common Knowledge
Common Knowledge is a digital infrastructure org for the movement. Our designers, technologists and organisers work with groups to create shared digital infrastructure, tools and organisational capacity in order to build lasting, radical power from below.
Common Wealth is a think tank that designs ownership models for a democratic and sustainable economy.
Conservative Environment Network
CEN is the independent forum for conservatives who support net zero, nature restoration, and resource security.
Cool Down Sport For Climate Action Network
Cool Down is a network of activists, athletes, organisations and concerned sports fans, working to help sports lead the way on rapid transition. We believe that sport and the climate emergency are inseparable.
DeSmog UK
DeSmog is a specialist investigative news and research outlet dedicated to cutting through the spin clouding the debate on energy and nature in Britain.
Dream Renewables
Dream Renewables tackles crosscutting issues surrounding unemployment, fuel poverty and climate change. We do this through education, training, research and community-led infrastructure projects.
We connect, train and equip local volunteers to drive community-led change through a network of 50 education spaces named ‘Spots’.
Ella Saltmarshe
Fossil Free Pride
We organise to end the links between climate wreckers and queer culture.
Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
We work on the front lines to fill in a critical missing gap in climate governance - an international mechanism for managing a global transition away from fossil fuels that is fast and fair.
Future Economy Scotland
Future Economy Scotland is a non-partisan think tank that aims to create a new economy that is democratic, sustainable and just.
Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM)
We train and empower grassroots activists with skills and tools to take climate action through policy advocacy, campaigns and community-based projects that build climate resilience.
Global Justice Now
We strive to fundamentally change the global economic system and create a world where people are valued before profit. Our campaigns expose major injustices in the world, explain why they are happening and mobilise popular pressure to bring about change.
Green Alliance
Green Alliance is an independent think tank building ambitious leadership for the environment. Since 1979, we have been working in a non partisan way with leaders in politics, business & NGOs to accelerate political action and create transformative policy to solve the climate and nature crises.
Green New Deal Rising
We’re a movement of young people fighting for climate justice & a Green New Deal.
We organise diverse religious partners globally for climate justice - opposing new fossil fuel and deforestation projects and supporting a just transition and green jobs.
Greener & Cleaner
Our charity’s vision is a UK where everybody, can connect with the impacts of climate change for their own family and community and the health, financial, community resilience and social justice benefits of engaging their voices as well as their choices around sustainability.
Heard supports people and media to create content that changes the world. We base everything we do on communications science and solid evidence of what works, making sure climate stories across popular culture are driving action and positive change.
Impatience Insiders
We work to unite and mobilise brilliant minds within the the UK and Europe’s food ​industry to help solve the critical sustainability challenges that the sector has failed to ​prioritise.
Institute for Public Policy Research
IPPR is an independent charity working towards a fairer, greener, and more prosperous society. We are researchers, communicators, and policy experts creating tangible progressive change, and turning bold ideas into common sense realities. Working across the UK, IPPR, IPPR North, and IPPR Scotland are deeply connected to the people of our nations and regions, and the issues our communities face.
Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions
ISEES provides professional technical training, research, community outreach, policy advocacy and advisory services in renewable energy, climate change, natural resources management and circular economy for improved livelihoods and ecosystems of women and youth in rural & peri-urban areas.
Kasa Initiative Ghana
Kasa creates platforms that facilitate the interactions among CSOs, state institutions and development partners on sustainable Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Governance issues in Ghana.
Labour Climate Environment Forum
LCEF is an independent organisation working to strengthen climate and environmental ambition across the labour movement.
Muntaka Chasant
Muntaka Chasant is an independent researcher and professional documentary photographer based in Accra, Ghana. His research interests straddle human geography and environmental sociology.
Organization for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability (ORGIIS-Ghana)
The Organisation for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability (ORGIIS GHANA) is a local NGO founded in Ghana in 2011. The operational area of ORGIIS- Ghana includes the Upper East, Northern, and Upper West Regions.
PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)
PEAS is a not-for-profit that expands access to inclusive, quality secondary education across Sub-Saharan Africa by running schools and improving the wider education system.
Peers for the Planet
Peers for the Planet is the House of Lords climate and biodiversity action group. We bring together over 150 Members of the House of Lords who want to put the need for an urgent response to climate change and biodiversity loss at the top of the political agenda.
People & Planet
People & Planet is the largest student network in the UK campaigning for social and environmental justice. We envision a future in which spiralling inequality, instability, climate crisis and resource depletion are reversed, and the balance of power in society has fundamentally shifted to benefit all.
Power for People
We are a not-for-profit organisation, campaigning for the UK to rapidly transition to 100% clean energy and for this to benefit local communities.
Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS)
RAINS works with communities to protect and conserve biological diversity and ecological systems towards improving resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change.
Rights and Advocacy Initiatives Network (RAIN)
RAIN employs human-centred innovative approaches to address challenges in the environment, agriculture and natural resources sector to improve the wellbeing of people and environment.
River Action UK
River Action is on a mission to rescue Britain’s rivers through empowering communities, mobilising communications and influencing policy change.
Rubber Republic
Rubber Republic is an impact driven communications studio exciting audiences about a sustainable future. We work exclusively for and with organisations fully committed to accelerating change, exploring how positive communication can create helpful impact.
Stop Ecocide International
SEI is the driving force behind the growing global movement to make ecocide an international crime, developing global cross-sector support and collaborating across all levels of government and civil society.
Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND)
A youth-oriented NGO that promotes Youth inclusion in the governance of the Natural Resources and Environmental (NRE) sector.
Students Organising for Sustainability
SOS-UK is a student-led education charity focusing on sustainability. SOS-UK’s work spans all aspects of sustainability, with social and climate justice at our core. We support and mentor young people to learn, act, and lead for sustainability in their schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, and communities.
Sung Foundation
Sung Foundation is a women led Environmental organization in the Northern Region of Ghana, working through women cooperatives VSLA, Local farmers, School environmental clubs, geared toward influencing policy and behavioral change .
Sustainability Managers for Schools (“SMS”)
SMS is resourcing schools to educate and adapt for a more sustainable future. SMS recruits, trains and supports a network of Sustainability Managers for participating schools. These new green roles provide schools with the additional in-school resource and skills to progress to net zero.
Tax Justice UK
Tax Justice UK is a campaigning and advocacy organisation. We want to ensure that everyone in the UK benefits from a sustainable, fair and effective tax system.
The Commitment
The Commitment works to speed up government action on the climate and biodiversity, by showing politicians that their voters want urgent action.
The Nature Friendly Farming Network
The Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) is a UK-wide, farmer-led organisation working to mainstream nature-friendly farming as the most sustainable way of producing food.
The Rapid Response Unit
The Rapid Response Unit provides strategic movement infrastructure to activate new sections of the public and strengthen cross movement networks. We build coalitions by offering pathways to respond together to trigger events, from extreme heat to police violence.
The Social Guarantee
The Social Guarantee ensures universal access to life's essentials within planetary boundaries, such as education, health, care, housing, energy, and transport. Collective action through public services, investment, and regulation is necessary for universal and sufficient access.
The Sustainable Wellbeing Environment Network
The Sustainable Wellbeing Environment network exists to increase the impact of the UK’s environment movement by supporting the resilience of those giving themselves to this urgent and extensive work.
Think Education
Are committed to empowering low-cost private schools to enhance the quality of education they offer. They believe that every child, regardless of their background, deserves a chance at a high-quality education.
Tipping Point UK
Tipping Point is a group of organisers helping to build a grassroots movement with enough people power to win climate justice.
Unchecked UK
Unchecked UK works alongside +60 supporting organisations to make the case for sensible, properly-enforced protections as the framework for a decent society.
United Force for Development (UF4D)
To drive Climate Change conservation among local populations through advocacy to improve the lives of people.
Uplift supports a just and rapid transition away from fossil fuels in the UK.
Wacam seeks to protect the environment, natural resources, and rights of affected mining communities through networking, advocacy, and representation within a legal framework that is sensitive to the concerns of mining communities.
Wild Card
We are a grassroots group of ordinary people, campaigners and experts. As the climate and extinction crisis worsens, we’re setting our long-term vision on 50% of the country being rewilded. Yet, over half the country is owned by less than 1% of the population, so we’re starting by asking the country’s biggest landowners to urgently rewild their lands.
World Environmental Crimes Unit
Building a publicised evidence database on the individuals causing environmental harm and holding back action on climate in the UK. WECU'S 'Future Justice Forum' is our thought leadership platform to support a network of accountability focused projects.
XR-Being the Change
The XR Being the Change Affinity Network is a new formation of groups and peoples determined to make good on the potential of Extinction Rebellion, by helping bring together a growing network of communities of resistance in unifying people's power to win true planet repairs.
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