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Learning with our Partners

Gower Street is actively committed to working in a collaborative manner with both grantees and other funders to ensure the work is being connected to other sources of support. 

Here is some of the work we wish to endorse moving forward:

Muntaka Chasant.JPG

Coastal Struggles in South Eastern Ghana

Read our partner Muntaka's chronicling of how climate change is affecting fishing communities in South Eastern Ghana

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River Action Rivers Charter

Restore our rivers and freshwaters to health by 2030. See the Charters for Rivers Report.

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Wind Turbines on Water

Common Wealth Report

This report is the first in a series being produced by Common Wealth and supported by Gower Street to explore the case for a Great British Energy company.

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Muntaka Chasant.JPG

Fuelling Failure Report

This report from June 2022 was produced by academics for the Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty and explores how coal, oil and gas sabotage all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals

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TessaKhan_ted talk.jpeg

How can we escape soaring energy bills? Stop using fossil fuels

This six minute TED talk by UPLIFT Director Tessa Khan from December 2022 explores the way our reliance on oil and gas in the UK is not just driving the climate crisis, but a fuel poverty crisis as well, and how that’s ultimately creating a bigger, even more powerful movement against fossil fuel expansion.

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How to make a difference in Africa.JPG

How to make a difference in Africa

This hour long film explores and celebrates 20 years of work by AfriKids, one of our longest standing education partners in Ghana

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Ecocide Law.JPG

Ecocide Law - History in the Making

European Parliament proposes including "Ecocide" in EU Law.

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